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Wednesday, 11 May 2011 20:00

Traci Jo Rizzo - Properties Director 2011

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Miss Traci Jo Rizzo has been involved in the production of many different kinds of performances, for a wide range of audiences, and for multiple causes. She specializes in prop and set construction, but her production talents stretch so far as make-up art, special effects, marketing, fundraising and video/film.

In 2001, Traci Jo started middle school, and her interest in production began to flourish. She was encouraged by her mother figure to join a volunteer group. The first project she was involved in was a haunted barn. She helped to build some special effects and to take part in the acting. Instantly, she knew that building and creating were exactly what she was meant to do. Since then, she has gained a wealth of production knowledge and experience, and her passion for such has only grown.
In 2002, a few of the volunteers joined forces and formed their own haunted house group, named "The Freaker's Union." For many years they did fundraisers, until they disbanded in 2005. That is, until 2007, when Traci Jo stepped up to renew her passion. With much help, she brought a different group together; some familiar faces, some fresh. To pay homage to the people that started it all. In 2008 they chose the synonym "The Chiller's Guild" and started to rock it out.
Through her harvest season experiences, Traci Jo gained many skills, such as acting, make-up, latex and prosthetics work, mask-making, prop building, special effects, etc. But paired with that, she also was very active in the PHS Drama Club throughout middle and high school, working on multiple shows as crew. These shows include: You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown; South Pacific; Annie Get Your Gun; Once Upon a Mattress and others. Meanwhile, she studied construction, sculpting, cosmetics and orchestra/choir. In 2006, she also worked as crew for the Midland Center for the Arts' production of Suessical: The Musical.

Traci is now the President, Coordinator, and CEO of The Chiller's Guild - and at 21 years old, she has raised thousands of dollars as a benefit to Camp Fish Tales (Pinconning, MI) and to many other things. As a coordinator, she has held many benefits for families of misfortune, most recently "David's Night of Debauchery" for a friend who passed away in October 2010. She also manages and promotes musical groups in the Mid-Michigan area, booking and promoting shows throughout. Her company, MeHi Productions, consists of 'Horror-Art' in all forms. Traci was put to the test in 2011 for Epicenter Theatre Group's inaugural production of Glengarry Glen Ross. As the Properties Director and Crew Manager of Epicenter Theatre Group, she brought her experience and unique outlook to the table which will only enriched the growth of the company.


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  • Hometown: Bay City, Michigan
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