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Wednesday, 11 May 2011 20:00

Marius Iliescu - Actor / Director 2011

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In 1995 Marius Iliescu graduated with a BFA in acting from Hyperion University, a private conservatory in Bucharest, Romania. It was his only way to express himself in an intolerable, mute, and frozen in fear society where the spirit was not allowed to be free. There he discovered Stanislavksi’s psychological acting and methods of physical actions.

For two years after graduation, Marius travelled Europe as an actor with the Greek play The Suppliants, Aeschylus’ oldest tragedy. The production was performed in French, a language that Marius speaks fluently. Vienna, Amsterdam, Avignon, Paris, Rome, Glasgow, and Dublin were just a few European theatre capitals where he was fortunate to show his talent and appreciation for the art of acting.
In 1997, Marius Iliescu also performed the play at the Lincoln Center Festival in New York City. The moment was decisive in his decision to continue pursuing his career in the United States. In 2005, he graduated with Magna Cum Laude in Dance Performance and Choreography from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, an achievement that broadened his artistic horizons tremendously. For four years after graduation, 2005 – 2009, Marius was a principal dancer with the most intriguing and visually spectacular contemporary dance company in Michigan, the Detroit Dance Collective, with Artistic Director Barbara Selinger.
Thirsty to know as much as possible about the art that frees him more than anything, Marius went back to school and in 2010 to earn a Master of Arts degree in Theatre from Wayne State University, specializing in Stage Directing.
Now ready to have his voice heard, Marius is thrilled to be part of the original group of theatre artists who dared to give shape of a dream called Epicenter Theatre Group. It is another wonderful beginning where nothing will be taken for granted, but everything from acting, directing and designing will be nothing less than thriving for excellence.
Marius appeared as David Moss for Epicenter Theatre Group's inaugural production of Glengarry Glen Ross in June 2011,  appearing in and directing his own work in The Man Who Lost His Sundays and as Albert Einstein in Picasso at the Lapin Agile in November 2011. "Theatre might not be a solution to world’s problems today, but surely can be a powerful toolbox that might succeed in attempting to solve them. After all, the power radiating from a truthful stage is stronger than a hundred meaningless political rallies."
Marius Iliescu

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  • Hometown: Bucharest, Romania
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