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Wednesday, 11 May 2011 20:00

Stefan Mantyk - Technical Director

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Our Technical Director Stefan Mantyk is truly a Jack of All Trades.  His start in theatrics stem back to his early days with the Michigan Renaissance Festival and his long time character persona Lester The Jester.  Juggling, magic, balloon twisting, and general clowning has made him a hit with street festivals, private parties and other theatrical endeavors.  He's worked with Delirio del' Arte, Theatre Bizarre, Brainstormers, the Palace Patrol, GO! Comedy Improv Club and is always looking for new venues to perform for small or large groups.

In school, Stefan studied theatre and earned a BA in Theatre Performance from Oakland University's Music, Theatre and Dance program. There he studied and performed dramatic and comedic works; Shakespearean, absurdist, and everything in between.  His real interest was in original works, his own and those of others in his classes.  He performed many student produced shows during his time at school and was blessed to see one of his own works, The Pompitous of Love, performed to much acclaim.

After school, Stefan didn't stop writing.  He self produced his first production, A Game of Sorts, at the Hastings Street Ballroom and self published his first novel, The Owl and the Loophole, which can be purchased at

He made his Epicenter debut as George Aaronow in Glengarry Glen Ross in June of 2011. Stefan is looking forward to more productions with the Epicenter Team. In the future, Stefan hopes to continue his writing, direct a show or two with Epicenter's fine company, and maybe perform a birthday party or twelve. Maybe your kid's.  Maybe your dad's. Stefan is also a board member and Technical Director of Epicenter Theatre Group.

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  • Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
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