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Wednesday, 11 May 2011 20:00

Marco Zaccagnini - President - Executive Managing Director

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The enthusiasm, motivation, and determination behind the creation of Epicenter Theatre Group stems from Michigan manufacturing entrepreneur, Marco Zaccagnini. Marco graduated from Oakland University’s prestigious Department of Music, Theatre and Dance in 2006. Not unlike many Michigan residents, Marco made the most of his job opportunities and joined the family business to work alongside his brother, Tonino Zaccagnini. After Marco’s five year hiatus from theatre and working through one challenge after another in his personal and professional life, the dream of acting resurfaced and the motivation to capitalize on the dream of creating a theatre company re-emerged.

Marco approached Bill Premin, now Vice President and Artistic Director of Epicenter Theatre Group, and asked if this dream of beginning such a theatre group could translate into reality. Bill Premin instantly shared Marco’s enthusiasm about the theatre group and Marco began researching and connecting with old contacts that would soon prove to be key to the success of Epicenter Theatre Group’s creation.

Marco meticulously put together a board of eight like-minded, ultra talented individuals that share the vision of creating a theatre group that provides Michigan’s top theatrical talent from all walks of life. The diverse group brings multiple perspectives and experiences to live theatre and they hope to tap into and provide opportunities for Michigan’s underground theatre community.

Marco looks forward to the success of Epicenter Theatre Group and in return hopes to inspire current and future students of Oakland University to pursue an education and/or career in the performing arts. Marco also anticipates providing opportunities within his theatre group for students currently involved in the performing arts program at Oakland University.

“I never thought this day would come that I would be reunited with all my brothers together on stage to create theatre in its most purest and powerful form. I’m glad to be able to share this moment with you so that I may take you to another place through the eyes of the character."

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  • Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
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