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Thursday, 25 August 2011 20:00

Col. Neil J. Patterson - Production Producer

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Col. Neil J. Patterson began his professional entertainment career in 1981 at Meadow Brook Theatre. He thanks his wise sister for getting him started in the entertainment field.

The Colonel is the son of Mary (Missouri Cotton Picker), Jack (Tennessee Plow Boy) and younger brother of Jill (Michigander living in Tennessee) is a time traveler as well as being a life and world adventurer, with 14 countries experienced so far. The Colonel has a diverse work history, including but not limited to: Custodial Engineer, Auto Parts Man, Busboy, Grease Monkey, Concrete Testing & Inspection Technician, a non-denominational "Dudeist Priest" based on the film The Big Lebowski, the Col. has conducted five weddings to date, Professional Auctioneer, Wrecker, Fork Lift & Backhoe Operator, Farm Hand, Head Stage Technician, Actor, Lumberjack, Fabricator, Team Leader, Senior Product Specialist, Trainer, Art Dealer, Eiffel Tower Ambassador (Las Vegas), Poker Dealer, Bartender and Sailor.
These days, along with striving to help produce exceptional entertainment with Epicenter Theatre Group, the Col. is Producing, Co-Producing, Writing, Acting and doing whatever it takes to create quality theatre and films. Also, the Col. is honored to be creating excellent food with Corleone's Catering, as Sous-Chef for the talented Chef Matthew "Z". Wherever he may find himself, whether it's another part of the world, on stage or off, behind the camera or in front, he has been fortunate to meet and, in many cases, forge lasting friendships with so many talented and amazing humans. It is a distinct pleasure for him to be part of Epicenter Theatre Group. He considers himself the luckiest man around. The Colonel was last seen on stage as The Informant and The Agent in The Man Who Lost His Sundays and as Sagot in Picasso at the Lapin Agile. The Col. is fortunate for all his exceptional family & friends and looks forward to the friends he hasn't yet met.
"The mind is like a parachute: it works best when open..."
"Let's not complain that roses have thorns, but rejoice that thorn bushes have roses!"
Col. Neil J. Patterson

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  • Hometown: Gingellville, Michigan
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