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Your financial support is an essential part of creating outstanding theatre. Your tax-deductable gift, and those of donors like you, are the means by which Epicenter Theatre Group is able to create extraordinary productions that inspire, challenge, entertain audiences, help keep ticket prices affordable for all theatregoers and enrich the life of a community we all share.

Epicenter Theatre Group is home to world-class actors, directors, playwrights, designers and technicians.

It is donors such as yourself that make it all possible. Donors like you underwrite more than one-third of the production costs of each outstanding theatre season. Donors like you are the critical heart of everything Epicenter Theatre Group accomplishes.

Please consider supporting the best in theatre by making your tax-deductable gift to Epicenter Theatre Group. Every dollar will be put to good use. 

Use this form to make an online donation. If this is for something specific, please note that in the comment box.

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Marco Zaccagnini
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Tonino Zaccagnini

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