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Epicenter Theatre Group propels a vision of creating theatre that is inspiring, evoking, and incredibly entertaining, while giving Michigan's top theatrical talent a unique venue with an ensemble approach to production. We would like to invite you to play an active role in our vision.


For Actors

Actors interested in auditioning for our current and future productions may do so by going to our current Auditions page.


For Businesses

Advertising in our season production playbills is a wonderful way for your business to support the work of Epicenter Theatre Group and to reach out to our audiences. Our playbill advertisers are a diverse collection of local businesses and national corporations who share a dedication to the arts. We are proud to invite you to join them in celebrating professional theatre in Michigan.

For more information you may click here to download our 2022-2023 Playbill Advertising Packet. You may view our previous playbills below as a reference.

                                                  Glengarry-Glen-Ross-Poster-RGB     The Man Who Lost His Sundays  Picasso at the Lapin Agile Poster RGB     Italian American Reconciliation Poster Cast Version RGB


For Volunteers & Ushers

We are pleased to welcome volunteers throughout our current and future seasons. Those who wish to volunteer as backstage help during performances please email us your resume.

For those who are interested in ushering, we ask that you arrive one hour before show time to help assist our House Manager and our patrons to their seats. Ushering is a wonderful way to help Epicenter Theatre Group and see our shows for free. We usually use 2 ushers per performance. If you are interested in ushering please contact us at 586-246-7546 or email us to secure your availability date.

We would like to thank all of our volunteers. You serve a valuable role in assuring an enjoyable theatre experience for all of our patrons.

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