Epicenter Theatre Group

Epicenter Theatre Group

Epicenter Theatre Group propels a vision of creating theatre that is inspiring, evoking, and incredibly entertaining, while giving Michigan's top theatrical talent a unique venue with an ensemble approach to production.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013 05:35

Lorinda Youness - Actor 2011-2012

An aspiring model and actress, Lorinda Youness is inspired by burlesque and the wonderful, late, Bob Fosse. Epicenter Theatre Group has opened a door for her to a world she has dreamed of since she was a child.
Tuesday, 05 February 2013 19:00

Shane Fekete - Set Construction Director

Shane Fekete is enjoying his ongoing work with Epicenter Theatre Group. Being no stranger to the stage, or the construction thereof, he has been involved in a variety of productions over the years. Shane began his acting career when he was a senior at the Western High School in Bay City, Michigan, where he performed the part of Pawnee Bill, Old Miner and the Conductor in Annie Get Your Gun. The summer of 2004 found him playing the part of Young Fool in ABC Production’s rendition of Big River.

Monday, 28 January 2013 19:00

David Shammas - Set Artist 2011

David Shammas is a native Detroit boy with extended roots in Chicago. Originally growing up in Birmingham, Michigan, he has made a career as a culinary chef which took to him to the windy city. He currently works as a private chef and freelance artist. It was only in recent years, that he has tapped into his primal instinctive passion in order to put paint on the canvas.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 19:00

Dennis Verner - Actor 2011

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Dennis Verner has lived there all of his life except for a stint in the Chicago area, at about the age of four, while his father was serving in the military. Dennis attended Detroit public schools, and after completing grade school, he was recommended to attend Cass Technical High School by one of his art teachers. Being a little stubborn, as he tends to be, he studied electronics at Cass Tech, instead of pursuing art and electrical engineering at Wayne State University. He started a small business after that. He often wonders how things would have turned out had he listened to his teacher.

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